Merry Christmas Cupcake

Merry Christmas Cupcake


M. Andrews





I can hear Olivia and Maddox coming down the stairs as I fill the last of the bowls with sprinkles. We have every Christmas themed sprinkle I could find in Boston and a rainbow of frosting colors all laid out ready to decorate the mountain of sugar cookies I made with the kids were napping. We have a full day of decorating cookies ahead of us. A new tradition for the twins now that they are four and are understanding more of what Christmas is all about. 

         I still can’t believe they are four. They are growing too fast. I want them to stay little forever. 

         “Mommy, mommy,” Olivia come bounding into the kitchen followed closely by Maddox, who still looks very sleepy. A big yawn erupts across his face. My sweet sleepy boy loves his sleep. 

         “Hi mommy,” he says through his yawn. A little jolt of sugar should wake his little butt right up. 

         They both climb up on a stool and their eyes light up at the sight of all the sugary goodness sitting in front of them. I hand them each a plate of cookies and let them go to town on decorating. 

         Olivia meticulously spreads a layer of green frosting over her tree sugar cookie. She doesn’t stop until the tree is covered and completely smooth. I have to fight the urge to throw a handful of sprinkles haphazardly over her cookie while I watch her place the sprinkles one by one. She is so Grayson’s daughter. Olivia has the cleanest room of any four year old I know. Everything has to have a place and put back in exactly that spot before she can relax. Olivia definitely got that from her father. My two perfectionists. 

         Maddox on the other hand is a boy version of me. Wild and carefree. Just like the cookie sitting on his plate with a thick messy layer of green frosting streaked with brown because he didn’t use a clean butter knife after he used the brown frosting and topped with a mountain of sprinkles from every dish. Maddox and I keep things fun around here. If it wasn’t for my carefree spirit Grayson never would have left his comfort zone. 

         The door to the garage opens and both Maddox and Olivia’s head snap in the direction of the noise. “Daddy’s home,” they both squeal and jump down from their chairs and bolt through the kitchen to the mudroom to greet Grayson. My heart melts at the sight of Grayson walking in the kitchen with a kid in each arm and a Santa hat on his head. The hat, the beard, and the buffalo plaid are making him one delicious DILF. He’s definitely getting laid tonight after his Santa Claus duties. Who am I kidding, I’ll probably sneak in a quickie while the kids watch the Grinch for the millionth time. Cause lord knows my pussy can’t go too long without Grayson’s heavenly dick.  

         “You are home just in time to help us decorate the cookies.” I manage to find some space between the twins to give Grayson a welcome home kiss. Grayson spent the morning and most of the afternoon at the Children’s hospital with the team passing out toys and making Christmas ornaments with the kids. He has done this every Christmas Eve since his rookie year with the Minutemen. He doesn’t leave until he has spent time with every child. Having to spend Christmas in a hospital is no fun and for Grayson if spending an extra few hours at the hospital to bring a little joy to these kids it’s well worth it. Grayson’s big heart is one of the things I love most about him. He has this wonderful way of making everyone around him feel special. 

         Grayson sets Olivia and Maddox down on their chairs. They each show him their cookies and takes the time to listen to each of them tell him how their day has been. No matter how tired he is from practice or being on the road playing, the first thing he does is spend time with the twins. Even if it’s just for five minutes before they go to bed, he gets his one on one time. He is the most loving a devoted father and husband. I couldn’t have asked for a better husband or father for my children. 

          Maddox offers Grayson a bite of his cookie. Grayson looks at every angle, trying to figure out the best way to take a bite without causing an avalanche of sprinkles. No matter where he bites he’s getting covered in sprinkles. I watch as the mountain of sprinkles cascade down Grayson’s mouth and down the front of his shirt. A few of them get caught in his beard. Maddox lets out a snort of a laugh. Bits of cookie and sprinkles spit from Grayson’s mouth while he laughs. 

         “All you are missing now is a touch of frosting.” I dip my finger into the bowl of red frosting and scoop up a dollop of the fluffy concoction. Reaching over the counter I spread the frosting over Grayson’s nose.  

         “Daddy looks like Rudolph,” Olivia says with a giggle. I burst out laughing. 

         “Cupcake, you shouldn’t have done that.” The way he says cupcake in that familiar deep gruff of a voice makes my pussy clench with excitement. If the kids weren’t here, he’d bend me over this counter spank me then fuck the life out of me. Grayson slowly walks around the kitchen island with his eyes locked on me. He grabs the nearest bowl of frosting, blue, and scoops out a glob into his hand. Before I can turn and run, Grayson grabs hold of my waist and spins me around so my back is against his chest. 

         I wiggle and squirm trying to get out of his clutches, but he has me locked in tight. Maddox and Olivia are laughing at my predicament. The next thing I know a streak of blue frosting is being streaked down my face. “Now mommy looks like a Christmas ornament.” Grayson chuckles and tickles my sides. 

         As soon as releases me I spin around and smack his arm. This only makes him laugh harder. “That’s not playing fair, Grayson Bennett,” I scold him, while trying to fight back my own laugher. 

         “Aww poor mommy. Here let me help clean you up.” Grayson scoops me up in his arms. He dips me back and kisses my frosting covered lips. 

         “I will be getting you back for this later,” I whisper low, so the kids don’t hear. 

         “I look forward to it Cupcake.” He smirks.


 It’s after midnight when I hear Grayson come upstairs. He has spent the last three hours putting together the play house we bought Olivia for Christmas. He would have had it done two hours ago, but with two excited little munchkins that keep trying to sneak down to see Santa, made it even more difficult to get things ready for Christmas. It took four readings of the Night Before Christmas to get them to go to sleep. 

         “Damn babe, those flannel pajama bottoms make your penis look magnificent,” I say, admiring the view of Grayson in his red and black flannel pajamas. 

         “Cupcake you are making me blush.” His whole face turns a bright shade of red as he walks into our bedroom.  

         “If I wasn’t already pregnant, I would tell you to put your baby in me.” My hands fly up covering my mouth. Damn I was going to wait until Christmas to tell Grayson I’m pregnant. I framed the ultrasound picture I got from the doctor when I went in to confirm that I was expecting. I was going to give it to him as his last present to open. After the twins turned four Grayson and I talked about having another baby. We both want a big family, but after having two at once we decided to put a few years between our next attempt. I was surprised we were able to get pregnant so fast. It was the night Grayson said he was ready to start trying. I shouldn’t have been so surprised. Grayson had me knocked up on our wedding night. When the Bennett babies are ready to come into this world there is no hesitating. 

         “Pip, what did you mean by if you weren’t already pregnant?” He stops dead in his tracks a few feet away from the bed. 

         “I was going to wait to tell you I’m pregnant on Christmas, but your damn sexiness short circuited my brain.” I slip out of bed and walk over to Grayson. He slips his hands under my pajama top and rests them on my stomach. 

         “We are having a baby. Is it just one baby this time?” he asks nervously. When we found out we were going to have twins, Grayson passed out cold on the exam room floor. I wanted to join him, but someone had to keep it together. After the initial shock wore off, we were both excited for the twins. Now having Olivia and Maddox and how much joy bring to our home, I wouldn’t have had it any other way. 

         “It is just one this time,” I assure him. 

         “Thank god.” He breathes a sigh of relief, then we both laugh. “To be honest I had a feeling you were pregnant,” he admits.

         “Oh really? And what gave you that idea?” I ask. 

         “You’ve been hornier than usual. I can barely get through the door before you are pulling me into another room to ride my dick.” He chuckles. “Not like that is a bad thing, but you did the same thing when you were pregnant with the twins.”

         He does have a point. Even when I was in the thick of morning sickness I still couldn’t get enough of Grayson. I needed him between my legs twenty-four-seven. “You’re not wrong. There is something about being pregnant with your babies that just gets me so turned on.” 

         “Everything about me turns you on, Cupcake.” He winks at me. “I’m the same way with you.”

         “I hope you are prepared for nine months of horny me.”

         “I have more stamina this time around, so I am more than ready. And I am ready for whatever this little one brings.” Grayson sinks down to his knees and lifts my shirt up and places a kiss on my stomach. “I can’t wait to meet you little one. Me and mommy love you so much.” 

         I run my fingers through Grayson’s hair while he talks to my stomach. I can’t help but think how truly lucky I am to have Grayson and our growing family. This was something I had only ever dreamed of and thanks to Grayson all my dreams are coming true. 

         Grayson rises back up and his lips meet mine. “I love you,” he whispers into our kiss. 

         “I love you too,” I whisper back then deepen our kiss. “Mommy is ready to open her package.” I slide the palm of my hand over the front of Grayson’s pajama pants. The bulge hidden under the flannel growing hard against my touch. 

         “Plug your ears baby, daddy is about to do some very dirty things to mommy.” Grayson lifts me up in his arms and carries me back to bed. He lays me down on the soft pillows and blankets then climbs over me, kissing a trail up my neck to my ear. “Merry Christmas Cupcake.”