Feelin' Lucky

Feelin' Lucky



Copyright M. Andrews 2017




Opening the door, I'm greeted by the smell of corned beef and a smiling Lily bouncing down the stairs in my direction. "Hey dad, welcome home," she greets me. Stopping to give me a kiss on the cheek. It still tugs at my heart when she calls me dad. The first time she said it I completely lost all hold on my emotions and cried like a fucking baby. After we officially adopted Lily, I never expected her to call me dad. I hadn't earned the right just yet and if she never did, I would be okay with that because to me she is my daughter. It took me completely off guard when she asked, "dad will you give me a ride to school?" I balled all the way back home after I dropped her off.

       "Hi Lil, how was school today?" I ask. Lily started a couple months behind at her new school, but she has quickly caught up and is already showing her classmates whose boss. Lily is so damn smart, she's even shown me up a few times. She has dreams of attending Harvard and going to med school. She is well on her way of accomplishing it. Lucky and I will do everything in our power to make it happen. Even if it means moving to Cambridge, so we can help with Charlotte and just so we can be close to our girls. Lucky has already started looking into houses. In the few months that Lily and Charlotte have been with us we can't imagine our lives without them.

       Lucky especially has become attached to both girls. It's been amazing watching her with Lily and Charlotte. She has eased into the role of mom and grandmother like a natural. She's an amazing mom. I've never seen her so happy. If me balling like a baby when Lily called me dad, Lucky was worse. She cried every time Lily called her mom. A year and a half ago I almost lost her after her third miscarriage. The depression and the idea that we were never going to be able to have children of our own was almost too much for her. So, to see her come so far from where she began, to seeing her smiling and laughing and letting herself feel every emotion whether good or bad has been amazing. When times get tough she no longer feels the need to run. For the first time in her entire life she is truly happy. I always knew she had the ability to get there and she did and I couldn't be prouder of her.

       "I got an A on my chem lab," she gushes.

       "Congrats, I knew you could do it. So, it smells like mom's been cooking all day," I say, smelling the air again.

       "She's like a one-woman Saint Patrick’s Day army. She's make clover cookies, corned beef and potatoes, Irish soda bread and some weird pudding thing. And the house looks like a leprechaun threw up." She giggles. "Does she always go this crazy over this holiday?"

       "Not usually. I think she's trying to make it special, since it's yours and Charlotte's first Saint Patrick’s Day with us. Her mom never did much of this kind of stuff for her growing up, so I think in away she's trying to give you girls what she never had."

       "I think it's cool. I never got stuff like this either, so it's kind of nice. I want to do this for Charlotte too." She smiles.

       "Hey, you two come on its dinner time." Lucky appears around the corner with Charlotte in her arms. Both of them dressed in head to toe green. Lucky is gonna look sexy as hell in just that clover headband she has on later tonight.

       "We're coming grandma," I tease, knowing how much it irritates her to be called grandma.

       "I'm gonna kick you in your Irish potatoes if you call me that again." She glares at me. "I'm GiGi to Charlotte," she corrects me.

       I stride over to her and kiss Charlotte on the top of her head, then turn my attention to my beautiful wife. "Sorry GiGi, my mistake." I smile and lean in for a kiss. "Happy anniversary Mrs. Callahan," I say before stealing another kiss.

       "Happy Anniversary Mr. Callahan. I love you." She grins from ear to ear.

       "I love you too, Clover. I have something for you," I say, reaching into my pocket pulling out a small black box.

       "Ryder Callahan, I told you not to get me anything," she protests.

       "You should know by now that I do what I want." I open the box for her, letting her see the gold three leaf clover necklace. "It has mine, Lily and Charlotte's names inscribed into the leaves. Now you can have your three-favorite people close to your heart."

       The tears begin to well up in Lucky's eyes. "You sweet bastard, I love it," she sniffles. She slides her free hand around the back of my neck and pulls me in for a deep kiss.

        Lily peeks her head between us to get a look and says, "It's beautiful."

       "Ryder and I have a little something for you, Lily." Lucky gives me an approving nod to give Lily her gift now.

       "You didn't have to get me anything."

       "We wanted to. Now open your hand," I instruct her as I reach into my pocket and pull out her gift and place it in her hand. She looks down at the silver coin, investigating the four-leaf clover on the front.

       "My mom gave this coin to me when I was a kid. She said it brings good luck to the person who owns it," I explain. "We thought we had lost it during our move to this house, but the morning before I found you and Charlotte I discovered it while cleaning out the closet. This coin brought me Lucky and when I thought all my luck had run out it brought us you and Charlotte. Now we want you to have it. We hope it brings you as much luck as it has us." I smile, closing her hand over the coin.

         Lily looks up at me with tears in her eyes. "Thank you so much." She reaches over and hugs both Lucky and me. In this moment, I'm feelin' like the luckiest man on the planet.

Netflix and Gamble

Netflix and Gamble


Copyright M. Andrews 2017





Walking through the front door, I hear Paw Patrol blaring on the television in the living room and clanking of pots and pans in the kitchen. The house is alive with the sounds of what has become my life. Five years ago, I was wondering aimless through life, then the most beautiful woman in the world literally came knocking on my door and she put the broken pieces of my heart back together. She restored my faith in love again. Brooke made all my lost dreams come true.

       I slide off my suit jacket and hang it up on the hook by the front door. In the kitchen, I find my beautiful wife, Brooke dancing to her own beat while she pours marinara sauce over the plate of spaghetti sitting on the kitchen counter. Her dark brown hair is gathered up on the top of her head in a messy bun, exposing the faint red marks I left on the creamy white skin of her neck this morning while I fucked her on my weight bench while we were supposed to be working out. We both got one hell of a workout, it just didn’t involve weights.

       I lean up against the doorway of the kitchen with my arms crossed in front of my chest, enjoying the show. Brooke drops the empty sauce pot into the sink then twirls around. The skirt of her yellow sundress flies up as she spins, giving me a nice view of her ass. Her big piercing blue eyes meet mine and immediately light up.

       “Brian, what are you doing home so early?” a smile erupts across her face as she runs from behind the island over to me. I hold my arms open for her and she leaps into them, almost knocking me on my ass. I will never get sick of being greeted like this every day when I get home.

       “Hank and I closed our case, so I decided to come home early,” I chuckle, steading myself on my feet. This is the first time in over a month that I’ve been home early enough to have dinner with Brooke and the kids. Being a detective has always been a dream of mine and I love my job, but it kills me when I have to be away from Brooke and the kids for long periods of time. Especially now that Ella is three and Matthew is one. They are both discovering the world in different ways and I hate missing that.

       Ella  must have heard the commotion in the kitchen because the next thing I hear is her yelling “daddy, daddy,” as she runs into the kitchen. She latches herself around my leg. “Hey monkey, how’s my girl today?” Brooke takes a step back so I can kneel and give Ella a hug and a kiss. 

       “Daddy, I so happy you're home.” She wraps her little arms around my neck and squeezes tight then kisses me on the cheek and that’s when I notice the glitter in her hair and on her cheeks.

       “I see someone got into the glitter today.” I look up and catch Brooke rolling her eyes.

       “A certain little fairy princess thought it would be okay to get into mommy’s craft supplies and pour twelve bottles of glitter all over herself and Lola, while I was getting Matt ready for his nap.” Brooke lets out a frustrated sigh. “I bathed her and the dog, then vacuumed her room twice and I’m still finding glitter everywhere. Damn Tinker Bell movies.”

       “I wanted to make Lola fly with me.” Ella confesses. The look of guilt on her face reminds me of me at that age. Ella is this wild mix of Brooke’s creative imagination and my pension for getting into trouble. She is going to give us a run for our money when she becomes a teenager.  

       “Ella you know better than to get into things without asking.” I scold her in a soft tone.

       “I sorry daddy,” she says pouting her lip at me. “Does this mean you’re going to arrest me for taking mommy’s glitter?”

       I fight back a laugh. Goddamn it that’s cute. “No Monkey I’m not going to arrest you, but you do need to apologize to mommy for making a mess.”

       Ella turns her attention to Brooke. “I sorry for making a mess mommy. Do you forgive me?”

       “Give me a hug and I will,” Brooke replies, holding her arms open. Ella jumps into Brooke’s arms and gives her a hug. “Thank you sweet pea. Now go sit down at the table and eat your dinner, grandma will be here soon.” Brooke sets Ella back down on her feet and she skips towards the kitchen table. Brooke turns back to me and ignores the curious look on my face and walks past me to the living room and scoops up Matthew.

       “Brooke why is my mother coming over?” I ask as she hands me Matthew. “Hey buddy,” I say, kissing his chubby cheek. I can't believe how fast he is growing. It seems like every time I see him he's bigger and hitting a new monumental milestone. Just this morning at breakfast he took four steps without holding on to the wall. He's the happiest baby I've ever seen. Always has a smile on his face and he has all the ladies wrapped around his finger, just like his old man.

       “She’s coming over to take the kids for the weekend. I was going to surprise you when you got home later with a candle light dinner and some new sexy lingerie I bought. It’s been awhile since we had a weekend all to ourselves. As much as this morning was fun in the gym that weight bench is hell on my back.” She grins. “I miss having real quality time with my husband.”

       I walk over to the table where Ella is slurping up her noodles. I buckle Matt in his highchair then join Brooke in the kitchen, wrapping her up in my arms. “I miss you too Ace,” I say, placing a soft kiss to her neck. “I miss our nights on the couch watching movies, laughing, talking…” my lips glide up to her ear. “…fucking.” Brooke’s body shudders at my words. I’m getting hard thinking about it.

       “How about a little Netflix and Gamble after your mom picks up the kids?” she asks, gently rubbing her ass against the hard ridge of my cock.

       “Netflix and Gamble, huh?”

       “You know, like Netflix and Chill. Also know as let's watch a movie and fuck,” she says the last word in a hushed tone. “We have the last one down.” She winks at me from over her shoulder.

       “We’re going to need to go fulfill that last part if you don't stop teasing me Ace,” I warn, discretely slipping my hand under the front of her dress, teasing her wet slit through the thin silk of her panties. “Goddamn Ace you’re drenched,” I whisper huskily in her ear. “You want me to take you upstairs don’t you. Fuck you until the whole damn neighborhood knows my name.”

       “Yes,” she whimpers.

       “Mommy can I have more bread, please.” Ella calls out, ripping us back into reality.

       “You sure can sweet pea,” she replies. Brooke turns in my arms “Cock blocked by your own daughter,” she giggles.

       “I'm used to it.” This is exactly why I have to get a little creative when it comes to being alone with Brooke. “But you're all mine later tonight.” I grin, placing a kiss on her forehead. “I'll finish dinner up with the kids, you go relax.”


“Hank and I were sitting in the car eating lunch minding our own business when this guy comes running down the street buck naked. And this wasn’t your averaged sized guy either. He had this massive build with just a ton of body. I swear he looked like a fucking bear he was so harry.”

       “No way.” Brooke giggles. “What did you guys do?”

       “We started to get out of the car to get him then someone opens fire in the street.” That statement makes Brooke’s face crunch up in dislike. “I know you don’t like the stories where I get shot at, but they weren’t firing at us, the suspect was shooting at the naked guy.”

       “Poor naked guy.”

       “I wouldn’t feel sorry for him just yet, we later found out he was running from the husband of the wife he was caught in bed with.”

       Brooke falls back against the couch laughing. I’ve missed that sound. Hell, I’ve missed just being able to have a conversation with my wife that wasn’t interrupted by kids or work calls. We’ve spent most of the night just catching up on each other's lives outside our kids. I forgot how much I missed hearing about the books Brooke is working on and giving her my thoughts on the chapters. She's released two books in the past three months and I couldn't tell you what they are about. I'm thinking we need more nights like this to reconnect us as husband and wife.

       “Looks like our movie ended, shall I start Batman vs. Superman?” I ask.

       “Yes please. I will go get us a couple more beers.” She kisses my cheek before she climbs up from the couch and walks to the kitchen.

       “Thanks for tonight Ace. I love having you all to myself.” I call out as I hit play on the movie. Out of the corner of my eye I catch a glimmer of pink walking towards me. I turn my head to see Brooke walking back into the living room minus her shirt and wearing the pink lace bra and the black curve hugging yoga pants she was wearing the night we met. My dick is instantly hard. “Now this is definitely like old times again,” I say, grinning from ear to ear.

       “I found this in the back of my lingerie drawer and it reminded me of how far we have come since that night.” She sets the beers on the coffee table. “That night is still so vivid in my mind.”

       “The night you were ready to pound my face in while I was ready to pound your pussy. Best night of my life.” I chuckle.

       “Best night of both our lives.” She corrects me as she straddles my lap.

       “I wouldn’t change a fucking thing,” I say, wrapping my hand around the back of her neck, bringing her to my lips in a deep kiss. Tongue sweeping into her mouth. My other hand slips inside her pants, cupping and squeezing her firm perfect ass. Her hips slowly rocking against my hard length. This woman sets my soul on fire. She is my reason for living. We begin and end with each other.

       Brooke reaches a hand around her back and unclasps her bra. The lace dropping away reveals her full gorgeous tits. Like a magnet my mouth moves down from her mouth to between her breasts. Her head drops back, soft moans falling from her lips as I suck one of her supple pink nipples into my mouth. She rests her hands on the top of my thighs, arching her back, pressing her tits against my face.

       I lift her off my lap and lay her back on the couch. Sitting up, I strip her of the rest of her clothes. My dick strains against the cotton of my grey sweat pants. He wants in that tight pretty pussy but my mouth wants a taste first. I drop to my knees between her legs. The scent of her desire fills my senses as I kiss down her inner thigh.

       “Mmmm Brian,” she moans. Hips rising to meet my waiting mouth.

       I spread her wet pink lips, tongue flicking over her aching bundle of nerves. She cries out when I suck her clit into my mouth, gently rolling it between my teeth. Just the way she likes. Slowly building her up with my tongue before I send her falling over the edge with my fingers. I know every inch of her body and How with the just the right flick of my tongue and thrust of my cock can make her come in a matter of seconds when we have kids knocking on the door or how now that I can take my time and ravage every delectable inch of her before I even make her come, so when I first thrust inside her body completely submits to me.

       The tip of my finger circles her warm entrance, making her moan and plead for more. I smile against her mound as she begs for me to finger her. Body writhing with need for release. When I know, she can’t take it anymore I give her what she wants, three fingers deep inside her cunt. Pumping up and down, working that sweet spot until she’s coming all over my fucking hand. Thighs trembling around my face.

       I lick her clean then place a kiss on her clit. Sitting up, I gaze down at her with hooded eyes. Brooke’s hands rest above her head, hair fanned out and a blissful smile on her lips. “So fucking beautiful,” I say, working my sweatpants off. Cock springing free and dripping with cum.

       The first thrust of my cock almost sends us flying off the edge. I take a deep calming breath before I start to move, long slow thrusts. Tonight there is no rush. No race to get done before one of the kids wakes up. We have all the time in the world.

       Brooke’s hands move to the back of my head, fingers dancing in my hair while we kiss. Our bodies move in perfect rhythm. Pushing and pulling, bringing each other higher and higher up the peak. The fire rages between us. Four years together and it still runs hot and wild like the sun.

       Her body tightens all around me, she’s close and she needs to hear me say it before she will allow herself to come. I lean in to her ear and whisper. “Come for me Ace.” And with that she lets go finding her release. Chanting my name over and over as her orgasm washes over her. Watching her come is my undoing. I come hard inside her.

       I press our foreheads together. Both of us breathing hard and smiling. “I have a new request.” I say.

       “What might that be?” she asks.

       “I request that we have Netflix and Gamble nights at least once a week.”

       “We can definitely make that happen.”